By the beard of the Allfather…we are only up and running…


(That’s enough ‘Spacewolfisms’ for one day thank you very much).

So what’s Rapidfire Wargaming all about then?

Good question….let’s begin!

Myself (Fingers) and my fellow nerdling Ross (Champs) were lucky enough to play 40k at SN Battle Report’s No Retreat 6 in Gibraltar back in March this year – more on that later.

Sitting on the M25 on the way home from Heathrow, we were chatting to each other about how we wanted to “do more” with the hobby beyond playing the odd game. We’d got the ‘bug’ and the bug was Hive Tyrant sized.

Fingers Admech list for NR6

Our first idea of course, was that we needed to set up an all conquering, world dominating Youtube channel that had 4K Batreps with VR cameras . As one would expect, talk focused mainly on the wonderful piles of merch we’d have – without any consideration at all to content or substance of any such venture. We covered how our custom dice would look until at least junction 6…and by junction 4, we were certain that we simply must have our own stickers and T shirts…..  we got home, life happened and crushed our nerd dreams (i.e we forgot about it for a bit).

A few weeks later, myself, Ross and our gaming buddys Joe and Tom headed over to Salute, which if you aren’t aware is a massive wargaming convention thingee at the Excel in London. It was a belter of a day and a sure fire way to blow muchos wedge on hobby shit that you didn’t know you needed or wanted a few hours before – again, more on that later.

We were riding the cable car over the Thames on the way back to the car and Tom said – “we should do something online that focuses on the hobby”. “Funny you should say that old boy” said Ross and I….and we all proceeded to talk  about stickers, dice and being online celebrities. Unlike on the M25 though we actually gave some thought to what we wanted to do….


Cut to the chase man….

Ok – so the idea behind Rapidfire Gaming is to have our own slice of hobby goodness within the warp (aka internet). This will start as a blog that will mainly focus on all things 40k but will also dive into various other GW specialist games (Let’s face it, we all have raging nerd boners for Adeptus Titanicus and will cover that in depth on here when it’s released).

ADmech 2

There will be four main contributors who will regularly share their hobby thoughts and progress with you. We will cover painting tutorials, reviews, army show cases, fluff and everything else in between. It just so happens that Ross is quite the 40k fiction writer so we may even treat you to a few chapters of his latest book.

We really hope you enjoy the content. Do bear with us on the visuals and layout for now as none of us have done this before….but we are quick learners!


Fingers, Champs, Garfield and Joe

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