Kill Team – ‘Gallowdark’ – An Into the Dark gaming Board

I’ve always loved the idea of Space Hulks; ancient amalgamations of space ships constantly submerged in the terrifying energies of the Warp. My re-introduction into the Warhammer hobby came in the form of a copy of Space Hulk 2014 which contains some of my favourite Blood Angels sculpts to date. I’ve been playing a lot […]

Sector Imperialis Terrain Build

My hobby time in the last few months of 2019 was entirely dedicated to terrain building. I’ve always felt it’s easier to ‘forge a narrative’ during games of Warhammer 40k if the eye isn’t constantly being drawn to the Pringles tubes being used as factory silos and old biscuit boxes in place of shipping containers! […]

Video Tutorial: Speed painting a Van Saar ganger

Gang Valkar of house Van Saar

Garfield has recently got me into Necromunda. Its a great change of pace and scale from 40k! I bought a Van Saar gang kit and decided to speed paint it up for a campaign we’ll be playing at RFW. A couple of users on the Necromunda sub reddit asked for my technique and instead of […]

Tutorial: Quick chipping/battle damage…

A few people have asked me how I do the chipping effects on my Admech and Imperial Knights. It’s a pretty simple process and can be achieved relatively quickly. There are tons of videos available online that cover the steps in lots more detail (google ‘masking fluid chipping effect’), but this tutorial should hopefully give […]

Tau and Imperial Knights

Bonjour fellow Nerdists, Garfield here again with a quick write up on, in my opinion, how to deal with Imperial Knights using Tau. Over the past few months, the meta appears to have shifted yet again. Only weeks ago Chaos Soup Hordes were romping tournaments. Now we’ve gone full circle with 4 out of the top […]

Blood Angels Librarian Dreadnought Kitbash

A messy hobby desk

Who doesn’t love the idea of the mouldy remains of a long incapacitated astartes psyker piloting a huge walking sarcophagus? Well, apart from the denizens of /tg/ on 4chan I mean? I certainly do and I have no problem with the idea of said walker sprouting magical red wings and flapping across the field of battle […]

Tutorial – Paved City Bases

I’ve had a few requests on Instagram for a step-by-step guide on my paved city bases. My Blood Angels are deployed in the ruins of an Imperial city. They stride through rubble and across broken city streets whilst crushing the enemies of the Imperium! I wanted to be able to produce paved city bases quickly […]