Fingers’ Army update – Adeptus Custodes

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As well as show casing our completed armies, we will also be taking sneak peaks at what the Rapid Fire Wargaming teams are working on at the moment.

I’ll kick us off!

Achillus Dread

Although my main army, Admech,  do have some mobile units, I found that by playing Forgeworld Mars I mostly relied on a gun line /Cawl Castle with the odd bashbot sprinkled in for taste. Or in other words completely dull to play (and play against I imagine). My limited mobility came from a unit of 8 squishy infiltrators.

So I wanted my next army to be completely different. Something that could zip about the board punching dick. Most of all though it needed to look cool and be fun to paint.

When I was at No Retreat a lovely guy called Oscar was playing Custodes and after seeing them up close and watching how they play, I was completely sold. They looked amazing, had a fun and mobile play style and are relatively cheap to get an army going due to their elite nature.

custodes 2

I’ve not decided on a final list yet – I’m not a super competitive gamer and want to aim for 2000 points of mono Custodes rather than an Imperial soup list.

So far my purchased models are:

10 x Custodian Guard

3 x Allarus Terminators

9 x Vertus Praetors

1 x Achillus dread


I’ll probably buy another box of terms as the idea of 5 and a shield captain deep striking in and then splitting in to 6 separate units using the unleash the lions strat sounds like it could be fun.

So far I’ve painted the Guard, the dread and 3 bikes and so far they’ve been really good fun to build and paint.

I’ve predomninatly used the Scale 75 Gold Metallics set (post on that to follow) along with GW washes.

As they are such an elite army, it feels like every model is an HQ which I expect is exactly what GW wanted.

I’ll keep you all posted as I buy/paint more models and will share my thoughts on what their like to play once I’ve got a few games under my belt.



Vertus Praetor

Custodian Guard 2 head





4 thoughts on “Fingers’ Army update – Adeptus Custodes

  1. Hey man I have a purple admech for like almost 3 years and I have to say that your Custodes bikes look awesome. I have 3 shield captains that I’m running as well that have the purple look but aren’t finished. looking at these kinda gave me a little idea how i would finish mines but just wanted to tell you that these look really good

    1. Hey Ryan – Glad you like them and thanks for the kind words. Give me a shout if you want any info about the colours I used etc. I am sure yours will turn out great. If you are on Instagram send over your name as would love to see them. (I also love Admech!)

      All the best


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