Fingers’ No Retreat VI Admech list and tourney summary…

It seems like a long time ago now, but as this is a brand new blog dedicated to everything hobby, it would be remiss of me not to follow up on Ross’ fantastic NR6 report with some thoughts of my own.

I can’t remember what I had for breakfast this morning let alone what happened during turn 3 two months ago, but I’ll do what I can to give you a flavour of the weekend.

To give a bit of context, I am not a competitive gamer. Not because I don’t like winning, but that super competitive side of the hobby has never really appealed. I’d heard great things about NR though and that it was quite chilled so thought I’d give it a go!

So given my inexperience, I was a bit apprehensive applying not only to my first ever tournament but one as big and prestigious as NR6. I’d followed the SN battlereport IG account for ages and applied with no expectations that I’d get in based on the quality of army pics id seen posted. So to say I was surprised when I heard my name read out on the live FB feed is an understatement!

The fact my buddy Champs also got in made it even sweeter as I had someone to get excited with on the lead up to the trip.

The production values of the SN team are truly fantastic. A month before the event I received an amazing invite box with dice, dog tags, a scroll and some chocolate! Mental!


Invite box!..

I was fairly comfortable with the list I wanted to take as had some success with  it down my local club. When you are running Mars, it’s really hard to look too far past Onagers and space robots, but I tried to mix it up a bit not to be too el’ fromage.

Fingers Admech list for NR6

Cawl’s Chronies…

Given the NR missions I knew that mobility would be an issue for me so made sure I had a unit of infiltrators running goads to try and cap objectives and pinch line breaker. I was also wary that every deployment would be Dawn of war, so I’d have armies up in my grill pretty lively. To counter that I had a unit of 2 bashbots hanging around the castle for when shit got fruity.

The playing experience was the complete opposite of what I expected from a tournament. I was bricking it pre game 1 as had no idea what to expect and was almost certain I’d forget rules, knock over models and be a general idiot.


Nervous much?

My first opponent (Tim – Orks) couldn’t have been a nicer bloke and we had a terrific game that went right down to the wire which ended up in a very close loss for Cawl and his chronies. We both forgot rules, I probably knocked a few models over but we both had a great game – it was going to be a good weekend. (I found out at the end that both Tim and I had voted for each other as favourite opponent which was cool.


The rest of the tournament followed the same trend. All 5 games were ridiculously close against right top blokes. I ended up winning 2 and losing 3, which given the quality of the players I was up against, was absolutely delighted with. I ended up finishing 23/42 and top Admech player so couldn’t have been happier….

….Well, I thought I couldn’t be happier but then we all gathered for the award ceremony on the Sunday and I got presented with one of four SN awards for my Admech! I couldn’t believe it and initially thought they’d got the names wrong. To get that recognition amongst that company was amazing and has really inspired me to try to up my painting game .


A very proud and happy nerd 

In summary it was a superb weekend and I can’t wait to get my application in for NR8 (unable to make NR7 sadly)

Battalion and Spearhead

HQ1 – Cawl

HQ2 – Enginseer (Arkanland relic)

HQ3 – Enginseer

E1 – 8 x infiltrators with taser goads

T1 – 5 x rangers (2 snipers)

T2 – 5 x rangers (2 snipers)

T3 – 5 x rangers

T4 – 5 x vanguards

HS1 – Onager with Neutron laser

HS2 – Onager with Neutron laser

HS3 – Onager with Neuron laser

HS 4 – Onager with Icarus

HS5 – 4 x Dakka bots

HS6 – 2 x Bash bots/flamers








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