Fingers’ Army update – Adeptus Custodes

  As well as show casing our completed armies, we will also be taking sneak peaks at what the Rapid Fire Wargaming teams are working on at the moment. I’ll kick us off! Although my main army, Admech,  do have some mobile units, I found that by playing Forgeworld Mars I mostly relied on a […]

By the beard of the Allfather…we are only up and running…

(That’s enough ‘Spacewolfisms’ for one day thank you very much). So what’s Rapidfire Wargaming all about then? Good question….let’s begin! Myself (Fingers) and my fellow nerdling Ross (Champs) were lucky enough to play 40k at SN Battle Report’s No Retreat 6 in Gibraltar back in March this year – more on that later. Sitting on […]