Hive Fleet Bucephalus – a Kraken Splinter

Tidings fellow nerdists.

I am here today writing about my next army, Tyranids.


If you have read my previous articles I am heavily in to Tau.  A semi static castle that blasts my opponents in to oblivion.  For my next hobby venture I wanted to try the antithesis of this army.  I could have gone down the Khorne CSM route, or the endless green tide.  But as Tau are the true good guys and gals of the galaxy, I thought I would try the true baddies of the galaxy, and that crown surely goes to the Tyranids.  
My hobby goal is to build as all-out attack army with a few big bugs scattered around offering some support.  I have plumbed for a couple of Tyrannofex’s, I know they’re not strictly an assault unit, but they can move forward with my swarm and offer some decent fire support.

My list is as follows:
Broodlord, Malanthrope and Swarm Lord
3 x 20ish units of Genesteelers
2 x Tyrannofex’s

My plan is pretty straightforward too.  I’m going to keep one blob of Genesteelers in reserve with the Trygon and steam the other two up the middle.  With Kraken as my chosen Hive Fleet, getting at least one unit across the board using the Swarm Lord’s Hive Commander ability.  Couple this with the Kraken advance ability and you can propel a unit across the board with a massive 28’’ move and then assault.  I’ll Metabolic Overdrive the Broodlord to keep him within buff range.  The third unit of Genesteelers will be the second wave.  Hopefully hitting the enemy lines turn 2 alongside the Swam Lord.


The Malanthrope will be hanging around and just making it a touch harder for my squishy bugs to get hit.

As I want this army to look cool on the table, I have gone with double Tyrannofex.  Not only do they look like something from Starship Troopers, they’re also a pretty decent model.  This reasoning also applies to the Trygon.

Pretty straight forward so far.  
This list hasn’t been built to be top tier competitive.  It has been built to look cool on the table and have a little bite.  Once it has all been purchased and painted (only about 30 Genesteelers to go) I’ll start playing with it.  I probably won’t be changing that much with the list as I just want to have fun with it.

Until next time….Garfield, out


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