White Scars WiP – Gaming Against The Grain

Hello again fellow nerdists, Garfield here with a brief rundown on my current “non-competitive” army, The Sons of the Khan.  A predominantly Primaris Marine force built purely to have fun and game against the grain.

Ever since the release of all the sweet Primaris stuff, the Inceptors have really caught my eye.  Flying down from upon high like the saviours they are and spraying hot molten, righteous lead in to anyone that displeases the Emperor.

So I had the idea of taking 18 Inceptors in an army that came into my empty head.  18 duders flyers around the board, spraying and praying, ignoring objectives and the mission, but dying well in the Emperor’s name.  The ability to charge, wrap, fall back and shoot is just so cool.

They’ll die, but they’ll die in flames of glory

I made the otherwise rash decision and purchased the required 18 Inceptors from eBay…..please don’t tell the wife.  I was also gifted another 3 from a buddy of mine to make kitbashed Inceptor versions of some special characters, namely my Smash Captain and Libby with jump pack.  These 5 units of gash came in around 1050 points.

Unwilling to fund these whimsical project any further, I rummaged through my ever-expanding Bitz Box and cobbled together enough units to field an army.  These units include a Multi-Melta Dev Squad in Drop Pod (so much awesome), a Xiphon Interceptor, a squad of Intercessors, some scouts and other odds and sods.

I have made decent headway in getting the Sons of the Khan painted so far.  I have found painting white through an airbrush give great results, as long as you take your time in building up the layers.

Now – for the reason behind my choice to build an army that will, in all honesty, struggle to win a sausage.  Sometimes in this fantastic hobby of ours we get caught up in the ‘Meta’, chasing the competitive edge and always looking for the next edge to win a game against other highly tuned lists and players.

I do play completely and attend as many events as my ever-growing family will allow and whilst I thoroughly enjoy this side of the hobby – it can grow tiresome.

So, to throw a bit of fuel on to my fire, I have taken the plunge in building what is quite frankly a hyper-non-competitive list.  The models look amazing, even if the painting sometimes does not do them justice, and they will look great on the tabletop.

Peace and love, Garfield out.

2 thoughts on “White Scars WiP – Gaming Against The Grain

  1. Love your outlook on your hobby.
    I myself don’t go in for creating competitive lists and prefer to field what I believe is a cool and fun collection of White Scars.
    With enough practice I can usually hold my own on the battlefield.
    Good hunting for the future.

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