White Scars – Taking Names and Punching D#cks

Hello, again my fellow followers of the Khan, Garfield here again to talk about the pretty awesome upcoming Space Marine Codex release and how it has taken my “fun” army right up to the top of the table.

So, if you haven’t read my previous post about my hobby army, The Sons of the Khan, I built this army as a bit of fun and a step away from the competitive side of things. I was going to use overcosted and underused units to build a decent looking army.

I am still planning on building an army that looks good as opposed to punching d#cks – but the release of the new Codex has really turbocharged my “fluffy” army. 

Here are my thoughts on how my new Supreme Command Detachment will be ruining your day:

Smash Captain

Boy, oh boy, this dude takes the biscuit to wreck face. I built my Smash Captain from an Inceptor to maintain the aesthetic of my army. But now he is an absolute monster. Here is how I will be running mine.

Tempered by Wisdom allows 2 Warlord Traits – I will be taking Chogorian Storm and Hunters Instinct and I will then Master Craft his Thunder Hammer.

Sounds pretty simple, here comes the stats. Chogorian Strom gives 3d3 attacks on the charge (or Heroically Intervening). Hunters Instinct give +1 to hit and +1 to wound vehicles and monsters. Master Crafted Hammer will go up to Damage 4! This all equates to 7 attacks (on average d3 roll), hitting on 2’s, wounding everything on 2’s, -3AP (-4 if in Assault Doctrine), 4 DAMAGE!!!+

You could put this chap on the relic bike = mental movement to boot.

This dude will be straight up taking trophies left, right and centre. Also, if this monster kills your opponent’s Warlord, your whole army becomes fearless.

Captain of Snares

This little trickster is here only because he could ruin your local Eldar Cheese Head’s day. 

The only thing necessary for this chap to tick is one thing, Master of Snares. This lets you stop any unit falling back on a 4+.

Little known factoid – if an Eldar Flyer cannot move (which includes falling back), it is destroyed.

Sleep well, my sleep Prince.

Chaplain of Pain

Now, this little chap has come as a bit of a surprise out of the left field. You can either run him as a Primaris version which will give you an extra attack or, as what I will be doing, a standard Chaplain with jump pack (who will be modelled as an Inceptor – gotta keep that aesthetic).

Hero of the Chapter – Imperium’s Sword

Mantra of Strength

Relic – Benediction of Fury

This combo will give you 5 attacks at S8, -4AP and 4 Damage. Mental. And, if he dies, he can fight again.

With regards to how the rest of my army will shape up depends on the rules. I am hoping to get at least two of the baby carrier dreadnoughts. If I can take them in a squadron – I’ll be getting 3. Outflanking them and then charging 3d6 with 1 of them.

I’m also taking 18 Inceptors – this is the core of my army and this will never deviate. They’re even better now. Drop them in turn 2 and a max unit is spitting out 36 S5 AP2 shots. It’ll be a beautiful thing.

On the topic of the new Primaris Flying Rhino – I love them. Barebones and a 4++ is the way to go in my opinion – just got to work out what to put in it.


And a final thought on the new hotness – DROP PODS. I am unconvinced about the chitter-chatter of people running 6 to 8. This can be easily countered and screened by a savvy player. One play could be to have 1 or 2 filled with Vets carrying storm shields with plasma. Who knows what the hotness will be? I am trying to keep the look of my army consistent and, alas, I think Drop Pods will ruin that.

Please note – I may have got some of these stats wrong, but I do not think I am far away from being correct.

Peace out.

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  1. Use the primaries vanguards or the new incursors, to be in the impulsor, that way you have units out of deployment keeping the enemy busy while the rest of your army marches in.

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