Necrons and Scuttling Scorpions

Hello my fellow table top ballers, I am here to write about one of my other armies I am slow growing, Necrons.

Champs has previously spoke about a balanced and strong list he is building which will look fantastic on the tabletop and coupled with his strategic nous will be a real handful.

I have always struggled with armies that require you to remember dozens of rules to get the full use out of them. That’s why I’ve stuck to pretty one dimensional lists on my armies.  This Necron list isn’t going to be any different.

Yes, it will be spamtastic, just like my receding hairline, but it will also look so sweet on the tabletop as every miniature will be a conversion/kitbash.

Here’s my proposed list thus far:

++ Necrons [91 PL, 1743pts] ++

Dynasty Choice: Dynasty: Nephrekh

+ HQ +

Catacomb Command Barge: Artefact (Nephrekh): The Solar Staff, Gauss Cannon, Warlord

+ Elites +

C’tan Shard of the Deceiver: Power of the C’tan: Antimatter Meteor, Power of the C’tan: Time’s Arrow

C’tan Shard of the Nightbringer: Power of the C’tan: Antimatter Meteor, Power of the C’tan: Time’s Arrow

+ Fast Attack +

Canoptek Scarabs: 3x Canoptek Scarab Swarm

Canoptek Scarabs: 3x Canoptek Scarab Swarm

Canoptek Wraiths
. 6x Canoptek Wraith w/ Particle Caster [354pts]: 6x Particle Caster

Canoptek Wraiths
. 6x Canoptek Wraith w/ Particle Caster [354pts]: 6x Particle Caster

Canoptek Wraiths
. 6x Canoptek Wraith w/ Particle Caster [354pts]: 6x Particle Caster

++ Total: [91 PL, 1743pts] ++

One major issue I am going to have is the incredible lack of Command Points, I only have 4 with this list. This could seriously hurt my ability to cast the all-important Stratagems.

As you can see from the list I’m planning on spamming Canoptek Wraiths. They’re an amazing unit, inbuilt 3++ with 3 attacks.  I’m planning on giving the all Particle Blasters so they’re got that extra bite, even in the fight phase.  Their Viscous Claws take a nibble at a cheeky -2AP and cause 2D a go….not too shabby and should cause any unit trouble.  Just make sure you avoid both Death Hex and Null Zone from enemy Pysckers as your circa 350 point unit will easily be reduced to scrap metal.

I have made all my Wraiths to look like giant metal scorpions. How cool is that?  It’s such an easy kitbash and, in my opinion, looks great.  Imagine 18 of these scurrying across the board – it is stuff of nightmares!

….coming to a nightmare near you soon

The Neprhrek Dynasty ability to advance an automatic 6” gives the Wraiths an amazing 18” move straight off the bat but would probably max out at 16” as this means they wouldn’t run away from their screen, the Scarabs. Season with the Adaptive Subroutines Stratagem and suddenly my Wraiths have a potential 30” threat range.  6 Wraiths hitting your lines isn’t going to a nice experience.

I am planning on using the Scarabs as both a screen and an anti-flyer unit. Not a lot of people realise they have the fly key word and I have seen them cause havoc on the tabletop.  They are another unit that if your opponent ignores, will scurry up and bite them on the bottom.  Another cool trick is to swarm the new kids on the block, Knights.  As Scarabs aren’t infantry, if you swarm a knight they cannot “step out” of combat.  Neat trick.

“How about anti-tank?” I hear you ask….well that’s where the two C’tan come into play. Slinging mortal wounds out which cannot be denied should be sufficient help and they’re also no slouches when it comes to punching someone’s face to pieces.  I’m not sure on what models to use yet but I’ve seen some kitbashed Dr Manhattan toys (bear with me) and they don’t look overly terrible.

not too terrible, I suppose

Now for my HQ, the Catacomb Command Barge. Not the strongest of HQs on offer but I think it offers the support my army would need.  It’s fast moving, can keep up with my Wraiths if they move balls out, cannot be targeted (<10w) and has a juicy Artefact that has potential to stop a unit from Overwatching my incoming Wraiths.

It will be armed with a Gauss Cannon and the Staff of Light to add a little TEQ bite. Since the FAQ the Gauss Cannon now gets 3 shots just like the Tesla Cannon and with the Nephrekh Dynasty choice I think it’s the stronger option.

My plan of attack, if you haven’t worked it out so far, is to steam up the middle and kick some dick. I know I’m completely overlooking Reanimation Protocols but my big hitters cannot be targeted, Scarabs will screen any incoming Psychic mortal wounds and the Wraiths inbuilt 3++ will hopefully be strong enough to get to the enemies lines.

I must admit it will be some time until this dynasty will hit the tabletop but when it does it will be bringing the juice.



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