The Ravensbourne Hunt – An Age of Sigmar Warband

Many moons ago when I was a fresh faced youth dabbling in the worlds of Games Workshop, my first love was Warhammer Fantasy. I flirted with Orcs & Goblins before settling on Brettonia as my chosen faction. I loved the models, the homages to Arthurian legend and the idea of humans on horses facing down the horrors of the old world.

Fast forward 20 years and I’m dedicated to painting Blood Angels, which when I think about it, are the Brettonians of the 41st millenium. Noble, armoured and obsessed with shiny cups. Even though the other members of RFW play once in a while, I’ve never felt like I have the time to start an Age of Sigmar army. In fact I don’t feel I have enough time to dedicate to my Blood Angels let alone starting a new hobby project. But when a member of our gaming group suggested a narrative campaign set in the Dark age of Sigmar using the AoS28 warband rules I couldn’t resist. I felt like a 250pt warband would scratch the itch without me having to invest the time and money into a 2000pt AoS army.

For nostalgic reasons I decided to base my warband on Brettonian models and rules. Recently I’ve been really drawn to the blanchitsu style of miniature painting (grim dark hues, limited colour palettes and kit bashing based on the art of John Blanche). I thought it’d be fun to take a break from my painfully slow and clean painting style and try my hand at some dry brushing, glazing and weathering!

I’m not sure where the idea of turning my warband into a hunting party came from. I wanted to use a range of models (archers, men at arms and cavalry) and that seemed to fit. A handful of nobles bossing about some peasant archers and serfs whilst riding around the mortal realms slaying monsters. I also wanted a spell caster. In the company of ignorant peasants a witch would probably be treated with a mixture of fear, respect and mistrust. I love the work of Terry Pratchett (rip) and the amazing female characters he writes. In my head the witch of my warband is like Tiffany Aching for those who have read his novels. A strong character who subtly manipulates the nobles to her own ends and keeps the peasants in line through fear, medicine and control of the booze supply!

The Warband

The Nobles

His Grace Henry duke of Ravensbourne. Counts as Brettonian Lord armed with the Dragonbane Lance and longsword. Lady Isobel, his daughter. Counts as Questing Knight. Lord Hal, his son. Counts as Questing Knight.
The heirs of House Ravensbourne have always loved hunting. The current Duke, driven mad by the death of his wife, left his ancestral lands on a quest to find ever more challenging quarry. Lord Hal and Lady Isobel accompany him because; “father never stopped hunting on our estate and we were starting to feel sorry for the foxes to be honest”

The Witch

Tiff. Counts as Enchantress.
Tiff was always different. Strong willed, independent and, to be honest, a bit creepy. She joined The Hunt after tending to the Duke’s wife on her death bed. Tiff is trusted with The Hunt’s supply of Ravensmead, a coma inducing alcoholic spirit she brews from, among other things, honey and Gryph-hound faeces. She is treated as something of a mascot by the commoners on the hunt, although non of them would admit that to her face.

Tiff the Witch
Tiff the Witch
Tiff the Witch
Tiff the Witch

The Hunting Hound

Joesph and Griff. Gryph-hound.
“I won an egg off some creepy guy at the Beastman’s Head in a game of cards. Then this bloody chicken dog hatched and has been following me around ever since. Bloody Griff.”

Joseph and Griff
Joseph and Griff

The Archers.

Count as Peasant Bowmen.
Its sometimes useful to have someone around who can shoot an arrow from a 90lb war bow through the eye of an on rushing Ogre.

The Commoners.

Count as Men-at-arms.
No hunt would be complete without some suitably outfitted commoners to serve various menial functions. Setting camp, beating out game, luring quarry and providing a meat shield in tight corners. The commoners of the Hunt join up for the companionship, booze and all the food they can steal. Unbeknownst to the nobles they call themselves ‘The Ravin’ Mad C**ts’.


Thanks for reading! This has been a really fun side project but I’m looking forward to getting back to the Blood Angels now. Next up is painting my Librarian Dread!

4 thoughts on “The Ravensbourne Hunt – An Age of Sigmar Warband

  1. I love your models and the lore behind them. I too was a bretonnian back in the glory days of fantasy alas there seems to be little room for our brave knights in the realms of AoS not even to accompany my stormcast. However seeing your warband has inspired me back to the saddle I have some knights ready to be built as I type so I say to you sir thank you and for the lady

    1. Amazing to hear that you’ve broken out a unit of Knights after reading this! I really love the lore and models of the Brettonians. I agree it’s a shame that they haven’t made an official appearance in AoS (yet!?). Fingers crossed if GW see enough interest they’ll make a comeback.

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