Garfield’s Tau – the Forces of Da’hilia XIV

Garfield’s Army Showcase – The Tau of Da’hilia XIV

Greeting fellow Nerdists.  Since my last post about my Tau army, I have been play testing and tweaking what units are going to fit within my 2000 point list.

One section of my army that I have changed wholesale is the use of stealth based infiltration units.  In the games I have used them they never make their points back. They also give my opposition a free move up to 12’’ in the assault phase and if there is one thing I have learnt about my Tau is that you do not want your opponent’s army in your lines.  So, in exchange for a Ghostkeel and a Stealth Suit squad, I have brought in another Riptide. The Ghostkeel is an amazing model with great rules but it will be sidelined and only brought out in non-competitive games going forward.

In my 2000 point list I have made space for two of the mighty XV104 Riptide Battlesuit.  This bad boy is the cornerstone of any Tau army. Once Nova Charged, it can spit out 18 shots at –AP2 (with ATS) and 2 damage.  Throw on a couple of smart missile pods to clear out hidden chaff units and what you have is a versatile, mobile fire base and with drone support, a real pain to shift.

One of my favourite tactics with this is to use the Tau Sept Strategem, Focused Fire. This allows you to wound even the biggest of boys on 4+. If you have your Commander nearby, which he or she should always be, use the Command and Control Node Strategem and you are then rerolling all wounds.  Why not sprinkle a little Kauyon action on top? Suddenly you are rerolling all hits too. Once you tie a couple all of these strats and abilities together, the Tau Castle becomes truly formidable.

The wargear I give my Riptides are the ATS and Velocity Tracker.  ATS is a no brainer. The Velocity Tracker is a funny one. Many people will take the target lock to negate the moving and firing Heavy Weapons penalty.  What a few Tau players forget though is that this penalty can be ignored with 4 markerlights. Further, as this list is only really going to be used in tournament play, getting that +1 to hit flyers is great as I never know who I am going to be playing.

For my next Battlesuit, I have decided to keep the Y’Vahra in.  With the wargear I give it, it comes in at a mind boggling 434 points but in the games I have used it in it more than makes up its points.  Once Nova Charged, it becomes insane. 3d6 auto hitting shots at S6, -3AP (with ATS), D3. It can really bring the pain to all hordes. The other bit of wargear I have given it is the Early Warning Overide.  This is one of the best Troll wargear options going as it allows me to intercept (7th edition rule) deep striking units, and as it is an auto hitting weapons, who needs a deep strike screen?  I am running this unit with the Bor’kan Sept Trait as it gives me that extra range on the heavy weapons. The Y’Vahra second weapon is no slouch neither, once Nova’ed, it is 3D3 S10 -4AP (with ATS) D3 weapon, some armies would cry out for such firepower.  It just gets overshadowed by the flamer, I guess.

In the Bor’kan Detachment  I have added in an Ethereal, a squad of Pathfinders and some additional shield drones for my Y’Vahra.  The Ethereal’s “Sense of Stone” ability isn’t Sept specific so I can get my FnP rolls going. The Pathfinders markerlight hits can be used by anyone too.  The Ethereal will be my Warlord and will have the Puretide Engram Chip to farm those CPs. This list is insanely CP hungry so any CPs I can get back are appreciated.

Coldstar Commanders – everyone loves these kamikaze nutters.  My army has 2 of them. One, will stay back with my “castle” to launch Kauyon and will be able to quickly grab objectives when needed.  It is armed with a high-output burst cannon, burst cannon, missile pod and ATS. I find this Coldstar is a Jack of All Trades and can be a nasty surprise for my opponent when it bursts out later in the game.

My second Coldstar is the ultimate kamikaze, armed with 4 Fusion Blasters and the relic, Onager Gauntlet.  This bad boy comes in turn 2, kills something with it Fusion, charges something, kills it…..then dies. How glorious is that?!

My troops options are pretty standard.  I have 6×6 man Firewarrior units. Each will be accompanied by their own Fireblade.  Firewarrior’s can be quite mobile when needed and backed up with a Fireblade their firepower is greatly increased at rapid fire range.  Takiing two separate blobs just offers me a little bit more flexibility.

Last but by no means least…..drones.  I have littered this army with as many as I can squeeze in.  You know what they do. They torment your opponent. 10 troll points.

My first tournament is Warmaster which is going to be held at the new Darksphere HQ in West London.  It’s my first foray in to the world of competitive gaming and apparently there is going to be some real Cheddar on show.  This army is no slouch by any means, I just hope I can do it some justice. It is a tournament of 5 games held over 2 days.  If I win 2 of the 5 I will be over the moon. It’s then on to the SNGT and Heat 4 next year!

My list:

Battallion – Tau Sept


Cadre Fireblade (Warlord, Puretide Engram Chip, Through Unity Devastation, 2 x Shield Drone)

Coldstar Commander (HOBC, BC, MP and ATS, 2 x Shield Drone)


3 x 6 Fire Warrior Squads (5 + 1 Shas’ui with Markerlight)


2 x Riptides with Heavy Burst Cannon, SMS, ATS and Velocity Tracker

Battalion – Tau Sept


Cadre Fireblade (2 x Shield Drones)

Coldstar Commander (4 x Fusion Blaster, 2 x Shield Drones)


3 x 6 Fire Warrior Squads (5 + 1 Shas’ui with Markerlight)

Fast Attack

Tactical Drones (3 Shield & 3 Markerlight)

Tactical Drones (3 Shield & 3 Markerlight)

Outrider Detachment – Bor’kan Sept



Fast Attack

5 Pathfinders

Tactical Drone (4 Shield Drones

Y’Vahra Battlesuit

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